About The Albion Tavern

Darren Barrett. Not normally this stubbly
The Albion Tavern is the virtual plaything of journalist and food and drink lover Darren Barrett. Despite his "body is a temple" attitude to food, he'll eat anything – especially if it once had a pulse and is now encased in some sort of pastry. Serve it with a decent bitter and he'll probably want to have your babies, too. Wait a minute, that's not right...

The Albion Tavern is not intended to showcase the world's best dishes – it's just good, wholesome food and drink, cooked and brewed, hopefully, to the best of Darren's ability and shared for you to try and enjoy. He doesn't have any professional training (clearly), but is passionate about serving the best that Britain has to offer – basically, this is the stuff he likes.

Darren is married to a vegetarian – seriously – and has two carnivorous sons who like to eat pig, cow, chicken, fish and sheep. And pig. And then maybe a bit more pig. One day he would like to run his own pub serving delicious seasonal and local produce. It's hardly an original concept, but he hopes to name it after his favourite football team, the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion. Any rich (and naive) backers wanting to take a punt, drop him a message.

Up the Albion.